AI Brainstorm Creator optimizes the Interface of Human and Artificial Intelligence

AI Brainstorm Creator optimizes the Interface of Human and Artificial Intelligence

LOS ANGELES, Calif., Aug. 4, 2023 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — AI Brainstorm Creator has announced its new protocol which builds projects for business, NGOs, and non-profits combining maximized human intelligence with optimized Artificial Intelligence (AI). Their approach does not rely on one or two AI platforms, but is rather a protocol for continuously investigating all the programs and utilizing the best ones for each task, as part of a larger vision. They have found this approach to be most efficient, since the emergence of new AI platforms happens nowadays with incredible speed.

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Until very recently, long-form courses, Masterminds, workshops, and interactive webinars were the best ways to keep professionals abreast of new insights in their fields, as well as being arenas for new idea and product creation. The advances in AI have meant that now group brainstorming sessions using tools like, as well as ChatGPT, Bard, Bing, and Claude can speed up these processes considerably.

Key to the method is the insight that the brain itself grows, evolves, and becomes more creative as it interacts with modern generative AIs. It might be more correct to say that the Human-AI interface itself is a new Entity, not seen before in history, which has the capacity to evolve in a multitude of directions at once.

Users are businesses large and small, NGOs, non-profits, and PR agencies. All can benefit from utilizing the Human-AI interface in ways which find innovations quickly.

Public Relations is an important component of the workflow. Online press releases serve as a net to bring in new expertise, as well as a way to publicize top-notch thinking. The result is like a continual scanning of the global population to find the latest insights. Stories are the evergreen impactful content for social media, and a wise PR strategy provides the right stories at the right time.

Current AIs for Enterprise emerge from a simplistic economic competition model: “use our platform because it is better than competitors at meeting your goals.”

AI Brainstorm Creator comes from an approach more akin to biological systems, specifically cell competition or swarm intelligence: many humans and AIs from different backgrounds evolve solutions together.

An important aspect of ABC is the awarding of certificates of merit for worthy insights. Each winner is publicized on social media, and earns the right to confer their namesake prize upon others.

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