Informative Research Announces Manual VOI Integration with Veri-Tax to Improve Mortgage Verification Services

Informative Research Announces Manual VOI Integration with Veri-Tax to Improve Mortgage Verification Services

GARDEN GROVE, Calif., April 2, 2024 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Informative Research, a leading technology platform that delivers data-driven solutions to the lending community, announced the integration of Veri-Tax, the market leader in delivering the industry’s fastest verifications, into its proprietary Verification Platform. The integration merges Informative Research’s platform with Veri-Tax’s verification services so lenders can access advanced validation tools that elevate the accuracy and reliability of borrower information.

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This integration aligns seamlessly with Informative Research’s mission to provide end-to-end credit and verification services that streamline the lending process and drive positive outcomes for lenders and borrowers alike. With Veri-Tax’s expertise and technology complementing Informative Research’s existing capabilities, clients can expect enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and speed in their verification processes.

“We recognized the need for a strategic partner that shares our commitment to delivering value in verification services,” said Informative Research SVP Craig Leabig. “This collaboration expands the product set available on Informative Research’s Verification Platform. Adding a best-in-breed manual verification product to the mix enhances our ability to help lenders streamline the loan manufacturing process.”

By eliminating manual procedures and significantly reducing turnaround times, Veri-Tax enhances Informative Research’s service offerings, ultimately enhancing the borrower experience and expediting loan origination timelines. Leveraging its “employer happiness” process, innovative digital tools, and an employer intelligence database of over 4 million transactions and growing, Veri-Tax ensures swift and precise verifications, further bolstering Informative Research’s reputation for efficiency and reliability in the mortgage industry.

“Employer sourced data is accurate, detailed, contextual, and prospective making it an essential complement to payroll data. But employer interactions are daunting and complicated. So, we have been sharply focused in streamlining and re-engineering this manual process with technology and data, and achieved market leadership as a result of our disciplined focus,” said Veri-Tax CEO Nick Lim. “We are excited by our collaboration with Informative Research and look forward to the opportunity to help serve their clients. By combining our expertise and resources, we are poised to redefine industry standards and drive positive outcomes for lenders and borrowers alike.”

Veri-Tax concentrates solely on verifications of employment and income. This specialization allows them to excel in their domain, offering unparalleled expertise and efficiency to clients. Veri-Tax’s commitment to excellence has earned them partnerships with many of the nation’s top lenders, who entrust them with 100% of their manual verification needs. By partnering with Veri-Tax, Informative Research gains access to this expertise and reputation, further solidifying its position as a leading provider of credit and verification solutions in the mortgage industry.

About Informative Research:

Informative Research, a Stewart company, is a leading technology platform that delivers data-driven solutions to the lending community. The solutions provider currently serves mortgage companies, banks, and lenders throughout the United States. The company is recognized for streamlining the loan process with its straightforward service model, progressive solutions, and cutting-edge technology. To learn more, visit

About Veri-Tax:

Veri-Tax is a leading national verification specialist sharply focused on offering Verification of Income and Employment, 4506-C Tax Transcripts, and SSN and EIN Verifications. We have been fortunate to have earned the trust and confidence of nearly 1,000 clients and growing including 3 of the top 5 banks in the country and other large, midsized, and smaller banks, credit unions, lenders, fintech players, and other financial services players. Our technology-enabled service is ultimately differentiated by our “customer happiness” culture which guides our strategy, innovation, and execution on each and every single order every day. Visit or call our Customer Happiness Team at 949-783-2100 to learn more.

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