Fineshare Launches Innovative AI Voice Changer and Soundboard Tool, VoiceTrans, to Enhance Online Communication

Fineshare Launches Innovative AI Voice Changer and Soundboard Tool, VoiceTrans, to Enhance Online Communication

LOS ANGELES, Calif., March 20, 2024 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — In this ever-growing virtual world, how to express yourself better, close distance with others, and light up atmosphere is getting important. As a smart software company that has been exploring the possibility of AI voices, Fineshare presents a new AI voice changer & soundboard tool VoiceTrans to help everyone create personalized voice identities in the virtual world, bringing joy to gamers, streamers, and chat users.

Fineshare VoiceTrans
Image caption: Fineshare VoiceTrans – A New AI Tool to Make Your Voice More Expressive and Fun.

Fineshare VoiceTrans combines AI voice changer with soundboard, and is available on desktop, mobile, and website. Its resource community allows anyone to find or share favorite audio resources, and add them to VoiceTrans. Feel free to send AI-generated voice messages or funny sound effects that fit current circumstances to enhance atmosphere and express yourself during streams, gaming, or chat.

VoiceTrans turns your voice into different styles in real-time and enhance your background sounds with soundboards. VoiceTrans app can send AI voice messages on platforms like Discord and WhatsApp, no need for extra soundboard software or devices because it supports turning iPhone into portable soundboard. VoiceTrans expands usage scenarios across platforms and devices, more combinations are available for exploration.

Co-founder of Fineshare, Jared says: “Video industry has matured solutions in helping people showcase themselves and deliver visual information with beautifying, filters, stickers, and more. But audio industry seems underdeveloped when compared. VoiceTrans is meant to fill that gap, its voice changer beautifies your voice, voice effects are filters of voices, soundboards are atmosphere stickers for voices, and user-generated short audio will be voice material library. Professional or amateur, everyone can make their voices more expressive and fun.”

VoiceTrans Features:

  1. Audio Resource Library: All resources are available for use, download, and share. This community full of creativity produces new resources regularly for discovery.
  2. Real-time Voice Changer with Unlimited Possibilities: Use 28+ effects to create voice effects or search in collections of community resources, and apply it to desired platforms or applications.
  3. Powerful AI Voice Pack: AI character voice models can generate voice messages from input audio. Furthermore, you can create AI clones of favorite voices, and use them to better showcase yourself.
  4. Free from Soundboard Device and Software: Turn your iPhone into soundboard and use it anywhere. Use separately or combine with other devices, any scenario is possible.

Compatibility and Pricing: VoiceTrans is available on Desktop, iOS, and Web. Free Plan available, Paid Plans start from $6.99/month.

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