Holiday Hosting: The Ultimate Survival Guide for the Season

Holiday Hosting: The Ultimate Survival Guide for the Season

(NewsUSA) – As the holiday season approaches, the revival of in-person events, celebrations, and activities leaves many excited, yet overwhelmed, but the right holiday helpers can make this busy season pleasant. Finding products that can serve double (or triple) duty is the key to success by saving time, money, and energy. One kitchen staple that may surprise you with its versatility is citric acid powder.   

Move over, vinegar — there’s a new, natural product workhorse in town that’s about to become your go-to pantry essential and serve as the surprise of the season, helping you through the holidays with everything from cooking to ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) gifting and pampering.     

“Knowing that budgets are tight this year, consumers can afford to be resourceful with the superhero pantry staple that is citric acid powder,” says Curtis Eggemeyer, CEO of Lemi Shine, known for their 100% food-grade citric acid powder. “You’d be surprised how many ingredients you use every day that have citric acid in them — take a look around — it’s in everything from snacks to moisturizer.”   

Cooking made smart. Whether you’re the host or a guest, holiday meals are rarely prepared without leftovers in mind. Commonly used as a preservative to prevent spoilage, Lemi Shine’s 100% Food Grade Citric Acid Powder can increase the shelf life of cooked food and will help to keep holiday snacks, sweets, and beverages fresh. Two tips for packing up your party: soak sliced fruit in a citric-acid-and-water solution for minutes to prevent discoloration or sprinkle citric acid over your fresh guacamole to keep it looking delicious throughout the event.     

Citric acid powder is also the key ingredient in some of your favorite recipes. Chocolate Bundt Cake is a tried-and-true crowd pleaser that always has guests coming back for a second slice. You can also create deliciously easy Apple Chips using just three ingredients.       

Gifting made savvy. Budgets are tighter this holiday season. Low-cost gift ideas that anyone can use and appreciate include DIY Bath Bombs and aromatherapy mixes featuring citric acid powder. Combine the powder with some essential oils for aromatherapy – whether it’s lavender to create a calming atmosphere, mood-boosting peppermint to fight fatigue, or fruity and floral bergamot to help relieve stress. These are gifts any host would appreciate receiving.     

Self-care made special. Don’t neglect your own self-care during the holidays. Whether prepping for a big night out or recovering from a family game night in, pampering yourself helps recharge for the holiday season. Try a DIY face mask before or after a holiday event, or anytime you need a little extra TLC. Not to mention, these self-care hacks also double as great gifts.     

Cleaning made simple. Make life easier and opt for cleaning products with a citric acid base when tidying up your home. Citric acid-based products, like Lemi Shine’s, are bleach-free and family-safe, so everyone can chip in on housework.     

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