Save Money, Live Luxuriously with Yacht Co-ownership

Save Money, Live Luxuriously with Yacht Co-ownership

Many yacht owners or would-be owners hesitate at the additional expenses of luxury boating beyond the purchase of the boat itself, such as cleaning, upkeep, marina fees, and paying a crew. Saveene offers options for fractional purchases that are flexible and cost-saving. The more fractions you purchase, the more yacht usage you have.

For example, a 10 percent purchase equals approximately 4 weeks of yachting time each year; 20 percent entitles you to 8 weeks.

Other advantages of fractional ownership include:

– Flexibility. Saveene fractional owners can purchase up to 10 fractions per yacht, and Saveene helps them sell these fractions if they choose or owners can sell their own fractions if they choose.

Several styles of yachts are available, ranging from 40 feet to 90 feet; all are outfitted with luxurious rooms and amenities. A handy online scheduling tool lets fractional owners choose outings of a few hours, day trips, or overnight excursions.

– Fun. Sit back and relax. The Saveene team will schedule and prepare your yacht for your arrival, and a professional crew and concierge will help plan the perfect outing for one or two passengers, a larger group of friends, business associates, or extended family with a range of ages. Fractional owners can bring their own food and beverages or Saveene yachts can accommodate a caterer or chef.

– Finance. With fractional ownership, you can enjoy periodic luxury boating without worrying about the day-to-day costs of maintenance, repairs, insurance, or storage that come with owning a yacht outright. So why pay 100 percent of the cost plus 10 percent of the cost for maintenance when you only use 10 percent to 50 percent of the yacht?

Also, if you wish to purchase 100 percent of the yacht, you can. In this case, Saveene can manage your yacht. A tax write-off option is also available with Saveene. In addition, a maintenance-free option is also available. Yes, this means no monthly payments.

Here’s an example of how fractional co-op ownership works: Mr. Smith purchases a 10 percent interest in a 4-stateroom fractional yacht for $89,980. This gets him approximately 3-4 weeks a year of yachting. If that doesn’t seem like enough, he can buy more. If he decides to give it up, he sells his fraction through Saveene or himself.

Saveene offers a range of yacht co-op choices to fit any budget, and the Florida-based location means great yachting weather all year round.

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