Fiber: Nature’s Way of Making You Feel Your Best

Fiber: Nature’s Way of Making You Feel Your Best

But did you know that even though you make an effort to eat healthy, you may still have trouble reaching your daily fiber requirement?

Many Americans average only half of the recommended 25 to 30 grams of dietary fiber per day, according to the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics. Yet the current average daily intake of fiber is 15 grams, as the typical diet includes many foods with high calories, such as white bread, doughnuts, sodas, juices and red meat, to name a few.

It is impractical, however, to think that you can get your daily fiber requirement from food alone, even though you can find it in edible plants, including many fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes. For example, you would need to eat about 10 apples or bananas every day to obtain your daily fiber requirement.

It’s a startling statistic that the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates only about five percent of Americans reach the recommended level of dietary fiber requirements. An unfortunate result is a substantial burden on the health care system and on the individual health of Americans. This is known as the “fiber gap” as limited fiber intake has been associated with colon cancer and metabolic syndrome.

The “fiber gap” exists for two reasons: people think fiber supplements are primarily for maintaining a regular digestive system, and traditional forms of fiber supplements on the market, such as powder or capsules, are inconvenient to take.

“Dietary fiber is known for keeping our bodies regular,” says Michael Epstein, M.D., FACG, AGAF, a leading gastroenterologist and Chief Medical Advisor of IM HealthScience, LLC.

“Most importantly, it’s essential that you get enough fiber in your diet. One way to do that is to supplement your daily intake of dietary fiber with natural, prebiotic fiber supplements. Many of my patients like the convenience and ease of taking the Fiber Choice line of chewable and gummy products.”

Fiber Choice – A Convenient, Prebiotic Solution

The Fiber Choice brand of chewables and gummies is made of inulin [pronounced: in-yoo-lin], a natural fiber found in many fruits and vegetables. Inulin works by helping to build healthy, good bacteria in the colon, while keeping food moving through the digestive system. This action has a beneficial and favorable effect of softening stools and improving bowel function.

Research shows that the digestive system does more than digest food; it plays a central role in the immune system. The healthy bacteria that live in the digestive tract promote immune system function, so it’s important to nourish the body with fiber. Inulin has secondary benefits, too, of possibly lowering cholesterol, balancing blood chemistry and regulating appetite, which can help reduce calorie intake and play a supporting role in weight management.

But getting enough fiber in one’s diet can be a challenge.

So try these tips to increase the amount of fiber in your diet:

•  Make your grains whole. Read labels and swap out conventional grains for whole wheat when buying bread and pasta products, and choose brown rice over white.

•  Make your veggies green. Green vegetables, including beans, spinach, cabbage, and asparagus are good sources of dietary fiber.

•  Go bananas. Many types of fruit are high in fiber, but bananas are an especially rich source. Add mashed bananas to muffins, smoothies, or a bowl of oatmeal as a way to increase fiber intake.

•  Add a supplement. Sometimes eating enough fiber-rich foods is a challenge. So choose a dietary fiber supplement with prebiotic effects, such as the fiber found in Fiber Choice, which has been designed to promote the same health benefits as the fiber found naturally in foods. Fiber Choice chewables or gummies are gluten-free, sugar-free, and taste great in several fruity flavors – and they are easy and convenient to take anywhere and anytime. Among all other fiber products on the market, only Fiber Choice gummies contain pectin, which is derived principally from citrus and apples.

For more information about the benefits of dietary fiber and how fiber supplements can be part of a healthy eating plan, visit

The usual adult dosage with Fiber Choice Chewable tablets is two tablets up to three times a day and for Fiber Choice Fiber Gummies is two gummies up to six per day.

The product is available in major retailers, such as CVS/pharmacy, Walmart, Target, and many grocery stores, and can also be purchased online at Amazon.





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