What is a mat release?

What is a mat release?

Mat releases are consumer-friendly feature news stories that are pre-packaged/pre-formatted (headline, photo, article) and distributed to syndication networks of hundreds or thousands of media outlets. Marketers, public relations professionals and communications departments use mat releases to amplify the reach of their content. Newspapers, magazines, TV news stations and other news outlets use mat releases to augment and expand the content they develop in-house. 

The term “mat release” is actually a holdover from a pre-digital time when each page of a newspaper was designed, formatted and laid out by hand for printing presses. Mat releases were type-set, print-ready and circulated in standard sizes so that they could fill empty column inches that editors might be looking to fill. 

Shrinking newsroom staff and shrinking newsroom budgets have created a new renaissance for mat release content. Our mat releases are developed to look, feel and read like a feature news piece so they blend in with news sites without the disruption of advertisements.  

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